MBA – Communication & Brand Management


Digital marketing and branding are indispensable for any startup emerging around the world. So digital branding is a new core competency for agencies and companies. Creative and strategic planning skills as well as the use of multimedia for all media channels are required in order to develop and manage brands effectively.

Designed with a lot of emphasis on management, design position, business direction and strategic vision, the development of branding projects will not be limited to realizing projects, but about accepting the challenge, observing current trends, forecasting trends, and interacting with the most interesting international companies.

The teaching team, which combines academic and professional training skills, will teach you and introduce you to best Brand management practices, trends and recent issues.

All units are taught by experienced lecturers who hold a PhD and have spent many years working in various companies.

Course Aims

  • Learn about current brand management issues and a deep understanding of contemporary best practices for brand development.
  • learn to define product and retail strategies, innovation and markets, in order to elaborate branding strategies.
  • Gain awareness of the interrelationship between brands within complex branding structures.
  • Learn to combine the field of management with creative planning and prepare them for leadership roles and missions in brand development, marketing communication and design functions.
  • Develop capabilities to solve complex marketing problems and gain a comprehensive and strategic understanding of the business.
  • An understanding of effective human communication strategies, techniques and skills to maximize sells.
  • Understanding the customer’s psychology, and employing the behavioral economics outcomes in maximizing sales.

Course Card information

  • course code:BM-M/15
  • Name and level of final award : MBA / Communication & Brand Management
  • Awarding body/institution :BARVQ
  • Status of awarding body/institution :Recognized Body
  • Location of delivery :Brussels – Belgium
  • Language of delivery and assessment :English
  • Duration :12 months full-time

24 months part-time

  • QAA subject benchmarking group(s) :Business and Management
  • EQF Degree  :7

      • This course is compound of six modules plus Individual project. ,you need Completion of master  Study with :
      • Core Marketing Specialization course (3)
      • Elective course (1)
      • Data Analytics Specialization courses (1)
      • Individual project (1.)

      §  Minimum Degree Requirements

      • To be eligible for the master, students have to take and pass six of the taught modules in addition Individual project assessment.
      • There are core and option modules available as part of the course and their credit value.

      Full-time Postgraduate students’ study 60 credits per year, plus 30 credits for Individual project

  • MBA Communication & Brand Management
  • All taught core modules plus the project module plus one option/elective module
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the nature and processes of branding and brand management.
  • Evaluate the scope of brand management activity across the overall organizational context and analyses how it relates to other business areas.
  • Appraise the key issues in managing a brand portfolio and making strategic brand decisions.
  • analyses visual content and brand management strategies;
  • Demonstrate skills in time management.
  • recognize and respond to challenges in the management of brands;
  • Make recommendations to overcome and avoid specific brand challenges and threats.
  • You should normally have undergraduate degree (at least a 2:2) with honors in any business-related subject, or an equivalent international qualification. Equivalent professional qualifications will also be considered for entry.
  • If you do not have the above-required academic or professional qualifications but do have significant management experience and a substantial record of achievement, then we will also consider your application.

100% online via Online Campus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration.


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  • Employment settings to explore
  • Corporation
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  • Self-employment
  • Land-based or online college or university
  • Community college
  • Small business
  • Health care organization
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial institution