DBA –Business Administration


As a practical doctorate in business, this program will equip you with the skills in developing the policies and procedures you will need to lead an organization in any industry. This DBA will expand your work experience and graduate studies to develop essential skills for leading teams and improving the strategic planning of your organization. This program also provides advanced training in professional management, human resource development, and quality management. It is dedicated to helping you lead in your field with distinction and integrity. Moreover, with the input of successful business professionals to meet the strategic needs of global organizations through SMEs. It aims to prepare you to be a major player in the success of your organization.

The teaching team, which combines academic and professional coaching skills, will educate and introduce you to strategic management practices and recent trends and issues.

All modules are taught by experienced lecturers who hold a PhD and have spent many years working in various companies.

Course Aims

This Online program will enable you to:

  • Provide business leaders with the research, analytical, critical-thinking and decision-making skills to:
  • Conceptualize, investigate and solve complex and practical business problems
  • Transform from leader to thought leader and innovator
  • Expand organizational capacity for innovation and change
  • Use new tools, insights and perspectives in strategy development and evidence-based practice
  • Advance knowledge within their industry through a completed dissertation Explain the basic concepts, principles and practices associated with the strategy Formulation and implementation.
  • Integration and application of knowledge acquired in basic courses to formulate and implementing the strategy from a comprehensive and multi-functional perspective.
  • Critically analyze and evaluate real life situations of the company and develop creativity Solutions using a strategic management perspective.
  • Conduct and provide reliable business analysis in a team setting.
  • Understand the very important role played by the human resource management function in preparation, and implement the organization’s strategy

Course Card information

  • course code: B-DBA /20
  • Name and level of final award :DBA / Business Administration
  • Awarding body/institution :BARVQ
  • Status of awarding body/institution :Recognized Body
  • Location of delivery :Brussels – Belgium
  • Language of delivery and assessment :English
  • Duration :24 months full-time

36 months part-time

  • QAA subject benchmarking group(s) :Business and Management
  • EQF Degree  :8

  • This course is compound of 12 modules , plus 2 Individual project , plus applied research-based doctoral project. .
  • you need Completion of Doctoral Study with :
  • Core Project management Specialization course (3)
  • Core Human Resource management Specialization course (3)
  • Core Strategic management Specialization course (3)
  • Elective course (3)
  • Individual project (2.)
  • Doctoral Writing Assessment (1.)

§  Minimum Degree Requirements

  • Based on the elective courses that the student chooses in the first year, he will obtain MBA in the specialization of his choice, and accordingly, the doctoral specialization will be determined in the last year.
  • To be eligible for the DBA, students have to take and pass six of the taught modules shown in the table below for each year, in addition applied research-based doctoral project.
  • This section shows the core and option modules available as part of the course and their credit value.
  • Full-time graduate students study 90 credits per year, plus 60 credits for a DBA project based on applied research, usually over a period of three years.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of current project, programme and portfolio issues and developments;
  • Evaluate the viability of a new project and its alignment to the strategic capability of the commissioning organization;
  • Critically apply general Strategic Management skills to assess, direct, manage and deliver a project;
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovative thinking in the assessing, managing, delegating, monitoring and controlling activities associated with project, risk, quality and change management;
  • Critically evaluate their own work and the work of others in relation to project management reports and records;
  • Demonstrate a profound competence in undertaking, successfully completing and evaluating a significant project.
  • Previous study:
  • Master Diploma or equivalent
  • Four-Year Bachelor Diploma
  • Work Experience:
  • Master Diploma or equivalent: 5+ Years of Experience in the same or related field
  • Four-Year Bachelor Diploma: 7+ Years of Experience in the same or related field
  • Age: 25 Years or more
  • Related job titles to explore
  • Job analysis specialist
  • Management consultant
  • Senior manager
  • University professor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Research Investigator
  • Business Analyst
  • Product Strategist
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Management Coordinator
  • Process Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Business Development Coordinator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Strategic Initiatives Associate
  • Consumer Insight Analyst
  • Employment settings to explore
  • Corporation
  • Accounting firm
  • Consulting firm
  • Government – local, state, federal
  • Self-employment
  • Land-based or online college or university
  • Small business
  • Health care organization
  • Insurance firm
  • Manufacturing
  • 100% online via Online Campus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration