Doctorate of Psychological Guidance


BARVQ has designed a doctoral program in psychological and social counseling to meet all the demands and needs of psychological and social counseling in the modern world. Therefore, the areas of the program are broad as they include: family psychological counseling, psychological and social counseling for people with special needs and the outstanding, for vulnerable groups in society, for students with low academic achievement, and issues of psychological and social counseling in schools and educational institutions. The program also includes research aimed at raising the efficiency of workers in various social and educational fields, and workers in the field of care and psychological support.

BARVQ has accredited a number of specialized doctors with long experience in postgraduate studies in the field of psychological and social counseling, in order to supervise doctoral students.

Course Aims

  • Throw direct orientation & supervision by his/her supervisor professor, student will be able to :
    • Delve deeper into the field of psychological and social guidance and various specialties, and to gain experience in this field.
    • Delve into of modern theories in the field of psychological and social guidance.
    • Carry out scientific and statistical research.
    • Gain recent experiences in the field of psychological and social counselling.
    • Gain skills to lead psychosocial and counselling teams in various social institutions.

    Planning the creation of psychosocial and counselling programmes for specific groups.

Course Card information

  • course code:PSG-M/34
  • Name and level of final award :Doctorate / psychosocial guidance
  • Awarding body/institution :BARVQ
  • Status of awarding body/institution :Recognized Body
  • Location of delivery :Brussels – Belgium
  • Language of delivery and assessment :English- Arabic
  • Duration :24 months Full time
    (Regularity) through blended learning.
  • QAA subject benchmarking group(s) :Psychology
  • EQF Degree:8