The project management profession is constantly growing, and the need for trained project managers is increasing. Projects come in all shapes and sizes and can involve any number of people, which is why the role of a project manager is evaluated by organizations around the world that look to achieve results on time and within budget.

The curriculum is guided by APM’s five professional dimensions and PMI’s Talent Triangle®, which are widely accepted as best practice in the project management field. It will give you the knowledge and tools to help implement change strategies, in a responsible and sustainable manner, in order to influence progress within a company or organization. You will also learn the governance framework for project management and how to deal with associated risks – with the opportunity to earn PMI® certification at no additional cost.

The teaching team, which combines academic and professional training skills, will teach you and introduce you to project management practices, trends and recent issues.

All units are taught by experienced lecturers who hold a PhD and have spent many years working in various companies.

Course Aims

This Online program will enable you to:

  • Expand your project management knowledge and skills, and fill in any gaps you may have. These skills are transferable between industries, market segments, and geographic locations.
  • It teaches you current best practices for managing your projects.
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers with a prestigious, internationally recognized certificate that demonstrates your commitment to knowledge and expertise.
  • Building confidence in leadership and decision-making roles.

Course Card information

  • course code:PM-DBA/11
  • Name and level of final award :DBA / Project Management
  • Awarding body/institution :BARVQ
  • Status of awarding body/institution :Recognized Body
  • Location of delivery :Brussels – Belgium
  • Language of delivery and assessment :English
  • Duration :24 months full-time

36 months part-time

  • QAA subject benchmarking group(s) :Business and Management
  • EQF Degree  :8

  • This course is compound of 18 modules plus applied research-based doctoral project. ,you need Completion of Doctoral Study with :
  • Core Project management Specialization course (12)
  • Elective course (3)
  • Research methods courses (1.)
  • Data Analytics Specialization courses (1)
  • Doctoral Writing Assessment (1.)

§  Minimum Degree Requirements

  • To be eligible for the DBA, students have to take and pass six of the taught modules each year, in addition applied research-based doctoral project.
  • There are core and option modules available as part of the course and their credit value.
  • Full-time Postgraduate students’ study 90 credits per year, plus 60 credits for applied research-based doctoral project, usually over two years , and for part-time students’ study 60 credits plus 60 credits for applied research-based doctoral project,   usually over three years.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of current project, programme and portfolio issues and developments;
  • Evaluate the viability of a new project and its alignment to the strategic capability of the commissioning organization;
  • Critically apply general project management skills to assess, direct, manage and deliver a project;
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovative thinking in the assessing, managing, delegating, monitoring and controlling activities associated with project, risk, quality and change management;
  • Critically evaluate their own work and the work of others in relation to project management reports and records;
  • Demonstrate a profound competence in undertaking, successfully completing and evaluating a significant project.
  • Previous study:
  • Master Diploma or equivalent
  • Four-Year Bachelor Diploma
  • Work Experience:
  • Master Diploma or equivalent: 5+ Years of Experience in the same or related field
  • Four-Year Bachelor Diploma: 7+ Years of Experience in the same or related field
  • Age: 25 Years or more
  • 100% online via Online Campus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration.
  • Related job titles to explore
  • Chief officer (CO)
  • Project Co-Ordinator.
  • New Product Development Project Manager.
  • Construction Project Manager.
  • Information Technology Project Manager.
  • Environmental Research Project Manager.
  • Consultant
  • Employment settings to explore
  • Corporation
  • Accounting firm
  • Consulting firm
  • Government – local, state, federal
  • Self-employment
  • Small business
  • Health care organization
  • Insurance firm
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial institution
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • 100% online via Online Campus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration