In this DBA major applied in the Human Resource Management major, you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge of strategic business relationships and practices while examining how an organization’s employee relations practices relate to its overall business plan. You will explore human resource management information systems, compensation and recruitment strategies, training and career development, recruitment, workplace diversity, benefits and wage administration, labor relations, labor laws, and field-specific technology. The PhD professors will also help you develop the skills needed to create, develop, mediate and maintain the interpersonal relationships between employees that are so important to the overall success of an organization.

This applied DBA is designed to solve current problems in the industry, lead senior executive positions, and address the complexities of today’s business landscape with vision, knowledge, and clarity.

For many years, many PhD programs in business administration prepared students for careers in academia, but they simply did not address the organizational and industry challenges that modern business managers face. So ,Instead of writing a thesis. You will undertake a applied, research-based PhD project in search of a solution to a business challenge you love. Your project will be integrated over the course of your program. You will emerge as an expert on your topic and as a thought leader in your field.

The teaching team, which combines academic and professional training skills, will teach you and introduce you to digital Human Resources Management practices, trends and recent issues.

All units are taught by experienced lecturers who hold a PhD and have spent many years working in various companies.

Course Aims

This Online DBA program will enable you to:

  • Conducting professional competency building activities and acquiring techniques to lead and direct human resources
  • Developing the capabilities to solve the complex strategic problems of human resources management
  • Get a comprehensive and strategic understanding of human resource psychology
  • Understand advanced and effective human resource strategies, techniques and methods for managing human resources
  • Deliver advanced business analytics to effectively lead the organization.
  • Evaluate advanced scientific thinking to identify and solve business challenges ethically.
  • Conducting advanced research on organizational and societal problems in human resource management
  • Combine experience, knowledge and judgment to build advanced business competencies.

Course Card information

  • course code:DR-M/12
  • Name and level of final award : DBA / HR Management
  • Awarding body/institution :BARVQ
  • Status of awarding body/institution :Recognized Body
  • Location of delivery :Brussels – Belgium
  • Language of delivery and assessment :English
  • Duration :24 months full-time

36 months part-time

  • QAA subject benchmarking group(s) :Business and Management
  • EQF Degree  :8

    • This course is compound of 18 modules plus applied research-based doctoral project. ,you need Completion of Doctoral Study with :
    • Core HR Management Specialization course (5)
    • Elective course (3)
    • Research methods courses (1.)
    • Organization Specialization courses (4)
    • Leadership Specialization courses(4)
    • Doctoral Writing Assessment (1.)

    §  Minimum Degree Requirements

    • To be eligible for the DBA, students have to take and pass six of the taught modules each year, in addition applied research-based doctoral project.
    • There are core and option modules available as part of the course and their credit value.
    • Full-time Postgraduate students’ study 90 credits per year, plus 60 credits for applied research-based doctoral project, usually over two years , and for part-time students’ study 60 credits plus 60 credits for applied research-based doctoral project,   usually over three years
  • DBA HR Management :
  • All taught core modules, plus one option/elective module each year, plus the applied research-based doctoral project.
  • Demonstrate critical awareness of contemporary digital human resource management practices
  • Evaluate the feasibility of changes taking place with the shift towards digitization of human resources and their compatibility with the strategic capacity of the assigned organization.
  • Apply digital human resource management skills in enterprise and project management critically to evaluate, direct, manage and deliver project outputs; and achieve strategic goals.
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovative thinking in assessing, managing, delegating and controlling project-related activities, risks, quality and change management;
  • Demonstrate profound competence in undertaking, successful completion and evaluation of a large project, by using advanced digital human resource management skills
  • Previous study:
  • Master Diploma or equivalent
  • Four-Year Bachelor Diploma
  • Work Experience:
  • Master Diploma or equivalent: 5+ Years of Experience in the same or related field
  • Four-Year Bachelor Diploma: 7+ Years of Experience in the same or related field
  • Age: 25 Years or more

100% online via Online Campus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration.


  • Related job titles to explore
  • HR Executive
  • HR Manager
  • Personnel Manager
  • Admin Executive
  • HR Consultant
  • Public Relations (PR) Manager
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Trainee Human Resource Management
  • IT Recruiter
  • Product Development Executive
  • Purchase/Vendor Development Manager
  • Sales/Business Development Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Employment settings to explore
  • Educational Institutions
  • MNC’s
  • Computer Systems Design
  • Employment Services
  • Local Governments
  • Banks
  • Companies & Enterprises
  • Hospitals