Why study with us?

BARVQ is a truly innovative and pioneering business academy that aims to take professional education to a new dimension. In BARVQ We aim to provide an outstanding learning experience that has a direct impact on your professional development. Through our unique programs, you will enhance your strategic vision, efficiency, and leadership for managing today’s organizations.

  • There are many reasons to be excited to study at BARVQ.
  • Double certification:

When developing your career, you always think of three dimensions: quality cost and time. Well, BARVQ has found for you the ideal state of ensuring that all of these dimensions are achieved in one single course of education. Once you join any “DBA” program, you will automatically receive a master’s degree once you successfully complete your first year, without paying any additional costs. Since the highest educational quality standards are strictly applied in “BARVQ“, you will, at the time you invest in the DBA program, obtain two specialized certificates of the highest educational quality, at the same price, at the same time.

  • Flexible schedule

  We encounter many executives, employees, entrepreneurs, and many people who have a busy schedule every day, and they want to obtain professional certificates of high quality and reliability. Since these groups are very difficult to attend regularly in traditional classrooms, “BARVQ” has allowed through its online learning platform the possibility of learning at any time and 24 hours a day, as everyone will be able to adapt their family obligations and work with their lectures schedule extending across the whole day and on Throughout the year.

  • Early Bird Offer

Have you heard this saying: “The early bird picks up the worm first”…

Well, we at BARVQ value early birds very much, and we give them the best worms ever.

We at BARVQ strongly encourage you to take advantage of the Early Bird offer and take advantage of the reduced tuition fees. Apply now and take advantage of the Early Bird offer from “BARVQ” and take advantage of reduced tuition fees for all programs offered on our online campus for receipt in February 2021.

Early Bird Advantage:

Early Bird Discount applies to all applicants through January 30, 2021.

Applicants must meet the standard entry requirements,

The Early Bird feature allows students to benefit from a 2.000 € reduction in total tuition fees.

  • Unique course design (carefully curated blend of experience and professionalism)

  Our education will get you ready for action by showing you how to apply your knowledge. Where you will learn the latest ideas and theories, but also how to put them into practice. You will also find that all of our courses have work experience opportunities built into each academic year.

You will receive your education from the elite only, a host of the best professionals – they will be tasked with educating you, guiding you, providing personal support or whatever advice you need, as you start your career. They will be with you every step of the way – all the way to graduation and beyond.

  • Guaranteed access to workshops and support courses

Only registered students by February 1, 2021 will have free access to up to five supportive majors.

 They can choose from a wide and varied list of skill courses available through our virtual platform during the year 2021, and they will also obtain certificates of completion of training courses certified by “BARVQ,” which will constitute a qualitative addition to their career.

  • Achieving The impossible equation (accredited certificates and competitive fees)

This can only be found in “BARVQ“.

You always face this controversy when you are looking for a distinctive course with appropriate fees, as accredited programs are expensive and of high quality, and this is really realistic.

But here is what BARVQ has done. We designed all our programs with the highest specifications required by internationally accredited bodies, and we matched the scientific content provided through our programs with best practices for the quality of European education using the European Qualifications Framework “EQF” to make our certificates widely recognized internationally, at the same time. We have severely reduced our fees up to cost limits, taking into account the conditions of the post-Corona world, and in fulfillment of our values ​​of social responsibility.

So when you join one of our programs, you will be guaranteed the highest accredited certificates and the best competitive fees ever.