Our policies

Disclosure and Transparency Policy

The primary purpose of a disclosure and transparency policy is to ensure that (BARVQ) guarantees disclosure for all points of substance ,accurately , in timely manner, and for the relevant parties. In particular, the financial position and planned performance levels, as well as confirming the publication of the rules ,Related to disclosure of information, methods and timing of disclosure.

Confidentiality Policy and Rules of Insider Circulation

The Board of Directors approves a policy of internal circulation of information and data management, which precisely defines the mechanisms for implementing and managing the data related to the activities of the Academy and controls for disclosure of information, as well as disciplinary measures related to breaching confidentiality and customer privacy. The policy also defines the responsibility of all stakeholders involved in dealing with integrity and honesty towards the information, reports and records under their control.

On the other hand, members of the Board of Directors, executive management, employees and all related parties are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of information and data on clients and academic partners, in accordance with the laws and rules issued by the regulatory bodies in this regard. The Board of Directors is keen to set strict rules regarding confidentiality and information security and to adopt the best possible practices to ensure that they are applied with high efficiency.

No conflict of interest policy

To enhance the values of transparency, fairness, accountability and financial disclosure, the Board of Directors is keen on:

Apply best practices to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest of the parties involved in activities the Academy. and in light of this, the Board of Directors is committed providing clear guidelines and principles for identification and reporting any disclosure of potential conflicts of interest, especially the rules relating to the transactions of the parties ,and Potential overlapping and conflicts of interest processes ,and it is committed to clear ways to overcome them.

Reporting policy and whistleblowing

The Board of Directors at BARVQ is keen to make transparency a way of life, and at the same time, it promotes the creation of a stimulating work environment characterized by privacy and team spirit for all employees and at various administrative levels. In light of this, the whistleblowing policy and procedures will contribute to define standards, principles, and best practices that facilitate reporting any concerns about deviations, potential violations, mismanagement, or behaviors that should be reported, allowing independent investigations and monitoring of these concerns, and neutralize it.

The policy of integrating and activating the roles of stakeholders

In accordance with the requirements of the public interest, and at different levels of decision-making within BARVQ, the Board of Directors is keen on the effective and balanced inclusion of all relevant parties, and those parties include: public supervisory bodies such as ministries of higher education – academic oversight bodies – local municipalities, as well as Direct parties, such as shareholders – local agents – internal committees, and other parties related to activities such as academic partners – suppliers – clients …

The policy of motivating and rewarding employees

(BARVQ) is keen to create a work environment full of challenge and motivation for its administrative and academic cadres, and it seeks the principle of sufficiency and fairness associated with performance, in light of the human resources policies it adopts, which guarantee the employee a mechanism for development and advancement without discrimination or prejudice.

(BARVQ) is committed to developing motivation and participation programs for its employees, in a manner that does not conflict with the work and workers system and any applicable regulations in this regard.

Refund policy

(BARVQ) is keen at all times to make the expectations of its customers consistent with what they actually receive as high-quality services at various levels, and in the event that the customer feels that the educational product provided is not as indicated on the (BARVQ) website or does not match its expectations, it will be guaranteed  by (BARVQ) to recover the value of the money paid again, provided that the customer service team is notified of the cancellation request within 24 hours of the start of receiving the service, and the customer service team, after considering the complaint, will take measures to recover the money paid, and in case that time is exceeded The refund process will be at the discretion of the BARVQ customer service team, who will fully listen to the customer’s voice.