What is BARVQ

What is BARVQ

(BARVQ) is a professional academy with a global orientation, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Founded as an independent educational institution, for the creation and developing a specialized professional programs, and high quality vocational frameworks. Which mainly aimed at providing those entering the labor market and / or working in it, with core competitive skills.

(BARVQ) is concern in  designing a creative specialized training packages   for entering the labor market and  developing the professional careers locally and internationally.

As well as (BARVQ) is concern in providing  studies, technical support, and specialized consultations for a very various associations and institutions wide world, which  mainly related to vocational professional education.

Why study with us?

Our Vision

Wherever we embark on education, we will be a destination for those around us.

Our Mission

We are always there,  standing to serve those dreamers by building a dreamy career path

Our Core Values

Quality – Innovation – Transparency – Fulfillment of social responsibility – Effect – Striving to be global


Upgrading the level of vocational education in the targeted areas, through the development of professional programs of high quality and qualitative content, focused on meeting emerging needs and building capacities Professionalism in a highly changing world.

Governance of specialized standards enhanced by specific professional certificates to serve the needs of professional education, and codify the experiences and skills acquired in academic frameworks of credibility and wide recognition.

Establishing confidence in vocational education in the targeted areas, and reducing the gap between it and education academic, by developing professional programs compatible with labor markets, and consistent with standards Merit and professionalism.

Establishing and strengthening relationships with the pioneers and leaders of vocational education in the targeted focus and scope Regional, and striving to integrate development visions of human capital in light of responsibility Societal.

Providing innovative solutions and technologies that contribute to unlimited access to the talents hidden in the foci Targeted, with the aim of qualifying and refining these talents, in preparation for creating conditions for them to enter a market local and regional work.

Sensing and supporting talents with fragile financial capabilities, by attracting and providing them with the essential skills needed to build capacity and appropriate career paths, starting from: The social responsibility of the Academy.

Providing a stimulating and professional work environment full of challenges and innovation for our clients, and providing content fun and qualitative tutorial.

Pillars of Our Governance

According to that vision, BARVQ’s governance system will be based on the following pillars

Simply, providing a true reflection of everything that happens at all various administrative levels.

Establishing respect for the law as an organizational culture, and guaranteeing the rights of different groups of stakeholder’s interest.

No one is above the law, and conditions are created to enable evaluation and evaluation of the work of the board of directors and management Executive.

Any independence of decision-making, and not allowing any unnecessary influences and pressures to work.

That is, to follow appropriate and correct professional conduct and ethical rules at all times.

The responsibility of the authority is, and everyone should bear the results of their performance.

All the time and everywhere, all activities should start and come back from the needs of society benefit it.

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